8 Ways You Can Use Storage Units to Make Moving Easier

Moving is a difficult and time-consuming task that most people dread. Obviously, a great way to make your move easier is to hire a professional moving service like Marrins Moving. But, there’s another way to help yourself when you’re moving: using secure storage units to their full potential. Storage units will lighten your load and allow you to spread out your move to give yourself more time and flexibility. They’re also great if you’re downsizing, and they can help you save money, too.

Marrins Moving proudly offers secure on-site storage at our location in Morrisville, NC. There are many ways to use our storage units to assist your move. Here are our top eight tips for getting the most out of our full-service storage during your upcoming move.

1. Give Yourself More Time to Move

Often, you may only have a few days to handle your move, especially if there’s a tight window between your move-out date and your earliest move-in date. It can seem daunting to plan for moving all of your furniture, clothing, and other belongings in such a short period of time. However, with a storage unit here at Marrins, you can start your move weeks earlier. Just store a portion of your possessions in one of our secure units, and you’ll lighten your load when it comes time for moving day. You can start moving in stages, one easy carload at a time, reducing the need for a huge push squeezed into a single day or weekend.

2. Get More Organized

So-called “storage in transit” is a popular logistics approach used by large companies all the time. Storing many or all of your belongings in one place together makes it a lot easier to get the big-picture view of your possessions and plan your move-in process accordingly. You can also clean out your basement, garage, and closets early so all you have to worry about on moving day is furniture and other big stuff. You won’t even have to worry as much about the order your belongings are packed into a moving truck when you’re preparing to move into your new place. This leads into our next tip.

3. Kill the Clutter

Anyone who has moved recently knows how frustrating it can be to try to unpack, arrange, and decorate with all of your possessions in boxes stacked in the middle of the floor, getting in the way. Instead, store your less important boxes and bags at our Morrisville location while you get the big stuff in place. Then, you can selectively move more and more of your items into your new home as the space becomes available. It’s a great way to make your move easier and less stressful.

4. Downsize More Easily

If you’re moving into a smaller home, it can be a huge challenge to know exactly what will fit and what won’t. With a storage unit, however, you can leave certain things like furniture, large artwork, old files, etc. in a secure place while unpacking your essential items. Once you’ve arranged your important belongings and figured out how your new home will be organized, you can reassess how much of your extra stuff you can keep. It also gives you a lot more time to figure things out, so you’ll be happier with the process and the result.

5. Save Money

Other storage units here in the Raleigh area can be surprisingly expensive. That’s why we only charge you based on the space you use rather than for a full unit, unlike all the other storage services around. It’s another way we give you more value than any other moving and storage service in our area. Our friendly staff members will be happy to help you find the smallest available space to store your items safely and securely as inexpensively as possible.

6. Get More Security

Potential burglars can see an unoccupied home as an attractive target, especially if you’ve already started moving in your belongings. Rather than leave your valuable items in your new home before you’ve fully moved in, you can secure them in one of our storage units. That way, you’ll have peace of mind that your unattended possessions aren’t at risk if you’re unable to monitor the security of your new home for a few days.

7. Go Ahead & Buy That New Furniture or Artwork

If you’re moving into a larger home, you’ll probably need new furniture and artwork that just won’t fit in your old place in the meantime. With one of our storage units, however, you can pull the trigger on new items for your larger home before you even move in. Go ahead and sleep in that new king-sized bed the very first night you’re staying in your new home! You won’t even have to worry about coordinating delivery or possibly having to sleep on the floor if there’s a problem. Instead, you can have everything ready to go so you can quickly and easily make that new house your new home.

8. Hire Fewer Moving Trucks

Having a secure storage unit gives you a lot more flexibility on moving day. Instead of having to hire multiple moving trucks to move all of your possessions at once, you can move in stages, one convenient carload at a time, and save money by fitting the rest into a single truck. Fewer trucks and less man-power will save you tons of money!