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Moving you to greener pastures®

Moving you to greener pastures® We’re the Raleigh, NC-area movers you can trust!

The Marrins Moving Way

We understand that moving to a new home or a new city can be both the most exciting and the most overwhelming of experiences. This is why we are proud to offer our customers a unique, personalized level of service that specifically caters to the needs of every single family we serve. We want to make your entire moving process as simple, affordable, and stress-free as possible. Simply put, we are movers you can trust!

Moving Testimonials

Customer service from moving companies is all over the place. After innumerable cross country, cross town, and local moves over the years, I’ve learned there’s rarely a consistency in quality when it comes to the packers, loaders and office staff — the overall customer service experience. Marrins was a nice surprise — hitting it in all the categories. I hope it wasn’t a fluke. I needed movers for a small move of some items to storage, so my review is based only on the moving, loading/unloading, as no packing was involved. There’s a three-hour minimum on a small move like I had, a reasonable rate for two people and the truck. My communications with the owner were pleasant as he went through the details and then followed up with a written confirmation. The two movers showed up when promised, were efficient, but also careful, in the loading/unloading process, and finished in less than the minimum time. It was one of the more painless moving experiences I’ve ever had. I wish I’d tried using Marrins in an earlier move. I could have avoided the movers-from-hell who should have their own spot in one of the levels of the Inferno; a place Marrins has gone out of their way to avoid.

Ann H. – Yelp Review – May 7

Our move wasn’t the textbook kind—the first company we contacted (Lone Star) didn’t even answer our request for an estimate. A friend recommended Marrins and immediately they did everything right. Instead of being intimidated by our needs they came up with options, getting the job done and saving us money too. Their crews were punctual, polite, professional and hard-working. They communicated well and followed through. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them or to use them again!

Les Tuttle – May 10

Excellent experience. The following movers Andy, David, Austin, Zack worked very well, and took care to follow instructions. The first review that was left is not even close to my experience. They showed up after calling 2x to let me know what they were doing, and kept me informed throughout. The movers were very respectful, and used please and thank you. They made sure they only grabbed what I asked them to, and I was there to ensure it was done correctly. Worked hard the whole way through. Easy move, but they were 5 stars in my opinion. Biggest was the quick response on the quote. Much higher than what it actually cost me, but would rather have that than the quote being lower.

Jason B. at Citysearch – May 26

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