Cubicle & Office Moving

Cardboard boxes, monitors, desks and chairs wrapped in preparation for a business moveIf you need to move your business, you know it’s different than a residential move. Moving a home is a process executed over time by a homeowner during their free time. But at a business, you can’t waste any time slowly packing everything up and getting it ready. The challenge is continuing to run a business while moving. The best way to handle moving your office is to do it as quickly as possible with experienced movers who respect your privacy.

Marrins Moving Provides Reliable Office Moving

At Marrins Moving, we’ve been helping businesses in the Triangle area move for years. We know what’s needed to get your business relocated quickly and with ease. Our moving experts are specially trained to know the proper procedures for moving everything for your business needs. We take special care to avoid disrupting your work and plan ahead to develop the best plan for getting you moved on time.

We Value Your Privacy

When you move a business, there’s also privacy to worry about. Every business generates documentation on its clients and customers that has to be kept private. For the best moving experience, you need movers that respect your right to privacy. Marrins Moving understands this need, and we’ve trained our moving experts to be as careful and discreet as possible when handling your documentation. We’ll get it to your new space with no issue, guaranteed.

Storage Options for Documentation

While every business generates documentation, not every business retains it the same way. Moving to a new office is a great opportunity to declutter your collection of paperwork without destroying it. We provide secure document storage options that will keep your paperwork safe from prying eyes but out of your way of your new space. That gives you more room to work with, and you’ll still have full access to your paperwork.

Expert Equipment Moving

Modern businesses have specialized, delicate computers and equipment that can break easily if handled without care. This is often one of the biggest pain points when moving for an office. There is so much at risk if anything happens to your equipment, but you have to transport it. At Marrins Moving, we make sure every one of our moving experts is trained to handle your move with the greatest level of care. No matter what kind of equipment we move, we make sure to keep it safe and secure.

Full-Size Storage Options for Downsizing

If you’re moving to a smaller space, we also offer full-service storage options. That means you can retain your assets for later use without having to find a place for them in your new office. They’ll only be a short trip away and completely secure. We can move your extra assets at the same time we move the rest of your or your office or at any point before or after.

Moving You Can Trust

At Marrins Moving, we believe in doing the best job possible for our customers. We provide a way for you to move your office to your new space painlessly while we do the heavy lifting. You’ve already got enough to worry about at work. Why add taking time out of your busy day to get your office ready to move? That’s why our moving experts put extra care to ensure all of your items get handled with care and that your move is as fast and efficient as possible.

If you’re interested in using Marrins Moving to move your office, get a free quote from us today to get started on your way to an easy move.