Full-Service Storage Units

A row of red storage facilities, securely closed and lockedHere at Marrins Moving, we know that moving can be expensive and time consuming. Often, the timing doesn’t work out exactly right or a wrench is thrown into the plan, and you’re left with a large amount of boxes and furniture and nowhere to put them. We see this happen often when people are downsizing but haven’t yet gotten rid of items no longer needed. We also see it during transitions in which people have to wait for a period between homes. Whatever the reason, we’re here to help. A common part of moving is finding reliable storage units for rent, but our team wants to help you find storage space that is truly fitting to your needs. To make this move easier for you, Marrins Moving provides storage facilities that are convenient and affordable.

At our units, we only charge you for the amount of space you use, rather than charging you for a full unit like other facilities. We have a dedicated on-site staff that can help you to use the smallest space possible for your belongings while still keeping them safe and ready for your new home!

If you are looking for warehouse, storage in transit or on-site storage, our storage facilities are the perfect place to store. Please call or Contact Marrins storage location today. Not only do we make this step easy and stress-free, but we also provide free boxes, free packing tape and free blankets and sometimes free storage!