Moving Checklist

As soon as you make the decision to move, you need to start planning. A move gives you a chance at a new beginning, but if you don’t take the time to organize, it can quickly become confusing. To make the most of your move, you need a plan for success. Marrins Moving wants to be your partner through every step of the moving process, so we put together a checklist to help you get started on your next move.

2 Months Before Moving

  • Research – Once you’ve picked out your new home, take some time to get to know your new community. Key points of interest should include schools, health care, restaurants, shopping, and whatever else interests you.
  • Create a budget – Knowing your financial goals ahead of time will save you a lot of pain in the long run. Take the time to create a moving budget to use as a guideline during your move.

6 Weeks Before Moving

  • Inventory your items – Make a list of all of your important possessions by category. This will come in handy when moving to keep track of everything you have. Plus, you can use it to plan where you want things to go in your new home. When taking inventory, pay special attention for things you don’t use and consider using it as an opportunity to get rid of them.
  • Use it or lose it – With 6 weeks left, now’s the time to start using up perishables. Aim to use up everything consumable before the move to lighten the load.

1 Month Before Moving

  • Choose your mover – This is one of the most important parts of your pre-moving work. Make sure you give yourself plenty of time when scheduling a mover. Doing it in advance will take one more thing off your mind while setting you up for success.
  • Start packing – Now’s the best time to start packing. Make sure you have ample tape, boxes, and markers. Pack the things you use least first and move toward more frequently used things the closer you get to your move date. Remember to label boxes clearly as you go so that you will know what’s in each. This also helps the movers put them in the right places at your new home.
  • Change address – Complete a change of address form to ensure that after you move, all of your mail gets routed to the right place. As an extra step, ask your old neighbors to keep any eye out for any mail for you at your previous home once you leave
  • Arrange to be off of work – If you haven’t done so already, let your workplace know that you’ll need time off for your move. That keeps you from trying to balance your move with your work life. Consider taking off a few subsequent days to make sure you have time to unpack.

2 Weeks Before Moving

  • Notify businesses you’ll be moving – Make sure to let companies that use your address know it’s changing in case they need to get in touch with you. Businesses of interest should include any banks, credit card companies, or other financial institutions.
  • Prepare the house – Take the time to ensure your house is in good condition for the next owner. Any outstanding repairs or issues with the property need to be taken care of now.
  • Begin cleaning emptied rooms – Don’t wait until the house is empty to clean it out. Work as you go. After you’ve packed up everything in a room, do a full sweep and clean as necessary.

1 Week Before Moving

  • Pack an essentials box – You’re almost there. With most of your things packed up, make sure you know what you need to make it through the last week in your home. This should only consist of things you regularly use.
  • Pack whatever’s left – With one week left, make sure that the only things that aren’t packed up are things you need every day.
  • Confirm with movers – Call your movers to make sure they’re still have you scheduled. The last thing you want on your moving day is to find out they aren’t coming.
  • Know your plan – Have your plan of attack ready for your move. Know what needs to get moved first, and make a list of things to communicate to the movers when they arrive.

Moving day

  • Clear a path – Make sure there is a clear path to and from the boxes in your home. Try and keep them limited to as few areas as possible to speed up the move.
  • Tape names on doors to help movers – In your new home, prepare name cards to put above doorways. This is a quick, simple way to communicate where boxes need to go to movers.
  • Make sure old home is clean before leaving – Before you close up shop on your old home, make sure it’s clean, that everything’s turned off, and that the doors are locked.

Enjoying Your New Home

Once you move in, all that’s left to do is to enjoy your new home. Don’t forget to make sure everything is in proper working condition and prepare for any repairs you might need to make. Now that the hard part is over, take some time to explore your new surroundings.

Marrins Moving Will Help You Every Step of the Way

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