About Marrins Moving


Marrins Moving was established in 1997. Each of our experienced North Carolina moving team members is vetted to the highest possible degree and is dedicated to offering nothing less than an exceedingly reliable and superior level of service and support. Being an ally to you in this often stressful time is our goal, so we strive to make your moving experience as smooth and convenient as possible. Once you’ve contacted us for your moving needs, a veteran Marrins mover will come out and complete a free on-site assessment of what you’re moving and what it will take to be moved. You will then be given a verbal estimate for your move. This will be the final cost of your move, with absolutely no surprises! To help you get started, we can even provide all necessary packing supplies, including FREE blankets and tape!

Our Team & Customer Service

At Marrins Moving we are a moving company that takes tremendous pride in our professional team of moving experts. We know that our quality personnel truly set us apart from the competition. Therefore, we take care of our people and they in turn take excellent care of our customers. Each member of our staff brings an exceptional amount of experience and care to every moving job they assist on, and we train all of our team members to perform at the standard we deem Marrins approved. We know that when our staff is at your home, speaking with you on the phone, or handling your property, they’re representing the Marrins name, so we don’t hire just anyone. We hire the best, and train them to be even better.

Marrin's Moving is a Proudly Veteran Owned Company

Our main focus at Marrins Moving has always been our customers’ care. Without our customers, we don’t have a business, so it’s our mission to give 110% to every customer interaction. Working in the moving business as long as we have, we know that moving is a chaotic time, whether your move is residential or commercial. It’s a time when you need all the help you can get, and you don’t have a lot of room for hassles or inconveniences. That’s where our tried-and-true moving process comes in handy. We’ll get what you need where you need it, and we’ll do it when and how you want it. Guaranteed.