Here’s Why Commercial Moving Is Nothing Like Your Last Home Move

Commercial moves are completely different from residential moves. They require a special expertise—something that regular moving services don’t always offer. There are more than 800,000 small businesses in North Carolina, and a good chunk of these relocate to new office premises every year. Commercial movers help companies coordinate and execute their moves without disrupting day-to-day business operations. Here are a few differences between commercial and residential moving services in North Carolina’s Triangle area.

Commercial Moves Require a Lot More Planning

Residential moving services in the Tar Heel State are relatively simple. Movers will transport someone’s belongings to his destination on a specified day. Commercial movers, on the other hand, require a little more planning. Business owners need to choose a moving day that limits disruption to everyday operations. Office moves that take too long could have a significant financial impact on the business.

Here at Marrins Moving, we have specialized in commercial moves for more than 10 years. Corporate offices, retail stores, restaurants, banks, law firms—these are just some of the businesses we have worked with over the last decade. Companies based in North Carolina’s Triangle area can benefit from our excellent customer service and get a return on their investment.

Commercial Moves Involve the Transportation of Sensitive Material

Unlike most residential relocations, commercial moves include the transportation of highly sensitive documents such as employees’ tax records and internal accounts. Most businesses will also have a computer system with valuable data. Data protection legislation in the United States requires business owners to keep these documents and programs safe and secure at all times, including when moving to new premises.

Marrins Moving transports all sensitive material with care, providing businesses in North Carolina’s Triangle area with the peace of mind they need. We carry out extensive background checks on all our staff and always use the best business practices. Companies in the Triangle area can benefit from our trusted, reputable commercial moving services. We help business owners pack sensitive documents and programs and unpack them at the other end.

Commercial Moves Involve the Transportation of Lots of Electronic Equipment

Most residential movers transport valuables such as televisions and laptops. Commercial movers, however, transport a wide range of electronic equipment. This includes printers, photocopiers, scanners, fax machines, and water coolers. Business owners rely on this equipment to carry out essential operations, so movers must transport these items with care. Only the best commercial movers guarantee this.

Sixty-six percent of employees use two or more devices at work, according to a study. Throw in all the other office supplies—stationery, desks, vending machines, etc.—and it’s clear that commercial moves require much more effort than regular residential relocations.

Here at Marrins Moving, our staff can move heavy items to new office premises without breaking a sweat. Our company is fully insured too. Unlike some other services, we are completely upfront about all of our costs. This means business owners know exactly how much they are going to pay as soon as they contact us.

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