How to Pack Artificial Flowers

  • If you still have the original boxes, these should be used
  • If you do not have original packaging, you should use sturdy boxes to pack the flowers to prevent any damage. Ensure that the boxes are of the right size and shape.
  • Wrap the flowers with plastic wrap, tissue paper or paper towels
  • Put the flowers inside the boxes. Make sure that you do not put too many flowers in one box. Fill in the space between the flowers and the sides of the box with bubble wrap.
  • Pad the bottom of the boxes with towels and sheets so that the flowers are not affected by the jerks and vibrations during the move.
  • Tape the sides of the boxes with a packing tape
  • Label the boxes “Fragile” so that the mover handles the boxes carefully when loading and unloading. Labels should be large and visible to that they can be easily spotted by the mover.
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