How to Move Your Sofa

  • Measure the staircase, doorways and elevators through which the sofa is to be moved. These measurements will help you decide upon the best way to move your sofa.
  • Measure the width of the doorway. Take measurements from one side of the frame of the doorway to the other.
  • The door through which a sofa has to be moved needs to be removed from its hinges.
  • You need to make the sofa stand vertically when it is being moved to a new location. Measure the sofa from top to bottom, as well as from front to back. This will help you find out whether the sofa will easily go through the doors and elevators.
  • Wrap your sofa with a protective material like linen or blankets. There are certain blankets available especially for packing sofas and moving them to a new place.
  • Remove the legs of the sofa. This way, your sofa will fit along almost any doorway.
  • You should ideally have three people to shift a sofa. Two of them can carry the sofa, while the other person can provide guidance when the sofa is being moved through rough, congested or messy areas.