How to Help Children Adjust to a New Place/Home

How to Help Children Adjust to a New Place or new Home:

  • If the house you are going to move is located close to your current home and you have the right of admittance, visiting the home with your children before the official move would be helpful for them to make the adjustment.
  • Remain positive and optimistic after you move into your new home, as this may affect the way your child feels about the move and new residence.
  • Before enrolling your child in their new school, take a tour of it with your child. Take him/her to the school ground, library, cafeteria, etc.
  • After the move, ask your kids how they want their room to be designed or decorated. Let your child select the items he/she will use to deck up the room. This would help them grow interest in their new home.
  • Many parents postpone telling kids about the move. Usually it’s better to tell the kids right away about the move and answer all their questions. Provide your kids with all the information regarding the move.
  • Try to lighten the mood of your children by playing small games like hide and seek and others which would also help them explore and become acquainted with the new home.
  • Try to lighten the mood of your children by playing small games like hide and seek and others which would also help them explore places at the new home and get acquainted with the new home.
  • Much anxiety children experience after the move comes from the newness and difference of their surroundings. Therefore, after the move, it’s advisable to bring back your child to their normal routine as soon as possible—regular family, meals, nap time, etc.
  • Take pictures of your children, new home, and community and encourage your child to share the pictures with others.
  • Get your child involved in community activities after the move. If they are interested in sports, encourage him/her to get involved with school or local sports teams.
  • Take your kids to local parks in the afternoon for a walk. Spend a day with your kids doing various activities such as having a picnic, going on a trip to the zoo, or visiting the nearby eco-park. These may help your child adjust to the move.

Books and movies on how the main characters deal with difficult moving situations are also great resources to help your child adjust. You can read one or two of these books with your child to help him/her understand the moving process. Some of these include:

  • Dear Phoebe, S. Alexander
  • We Are Best Friends, Aliki
  • It’s Your Move: Picking up, packing up and settling in, L. Bourke
  • I Don’t Live Here!, P. Conrad
  • I’m Moving, M. W. Hickman
  • Moving Molly, S. Hughes
  • I’m Not Moving!, P. Jones
  • Maggie and the Goodbye Gift, S. Milord & J. Milord
  • Moving Day, T. Tobias
  • Moving, W. Watson