How to Choose a Moving Company in North Carolina

Hundreds of thousands of North Carolinians moved to a new home last year. Job opportunities, good schools, a better standard of living are just some of the reasons why people relocated. Alongside Charlotte, the NC Triangle area has experienced the most growth in the “Tar Heel State” since 2010. As local cities like Raleigh, Durham, and Chapel Hill flourish, more people will need to use moving companies in 2017. Not all movers in North Carolina are the same, however. You need one you can trust that provides you with great value for your money. Marrins Moving has been providing the Raleigh area with quality moving service for over 20 years. In that time, we’ve learned a lot about the best ways to get a job done and working to earn customer satisfaction on every step of a move. Here are some of our top tips for what you need to know when choosing movers in North Carolina.

Do Your Research

There are hundreds of moving companies in North Carolina, so it’s important to make sure you choose one you can rely on. Part of that means making sure any potential choice is fully licensed and insured. A moving company that is missing either poses enormous risk. Without insurance, if anything happens to your belongings during the move, you aren’t guaranteed coverage. And without license, a business can’t legally transport your belongings to begin with. Marrins Moving is proud have been licensed for more than two decades.

Take advantage of reviews to help inform your decision. You can visit the Better Business Bureau to read reviews from people who have used local movers in the past.

Things to Look Out for

6 out of 10 people say that moving to a new home is the most stressful event in their lives. Good movers will alleviate any concerns you have by making the relocation process as simple as possible. Look for a moving company that communicates with you during your move, arrives on time, and transports your valuables to your intended destination quickly and safely.

When searching for movers in North Carolina, think about the following:

  • How long has the moving company operated for? Movers with lots of experience — and knowledge of the local area — will provide you with the service you require.
  • Does the moving company offer other services, too? What about packing and unpacking your belongings? Or full-service storage?
  • Does a moving company have testimonials from previous customers on their website? Read these reviews to find out about the type of service the company provides.

Find Out About Costs

When it comes to hiring movers in North Carolina, price doesn’t always equal value. Don’t hire a mover just because they offer the cheapest service in town. When calculating costs for your move, consider the following:

  • Are there any hidden fees that you have to pay? A good company will tell you how much your move will cost right from the very start.
  • Never pay for an estimate — this service should be free. Most movers will provide you with a quote by email.
  • Will a moving company charge you more to transport large items?

Looking for North Carolina movers that you can trust? Here at Marrins Moving, we have specialized in domestic, commercial, and international moves since 1997. We pride ourselves on our customer service and can provide you with the moving solution you require in Cary, Raleigh, Durham, Chapel Hill, Holly Springs, Clayton and elsewhere. Click here or call us at (919) 551-3530 to get a free quote!