Guide on Moving Your Mattress

Plan your move

First, plan on how you would like to move your mattress. If you are taking help from a mover, you should be prepared to ask the following questions:

  • Ask if your mover provides you with help to pack your mattress while moving, and help to unpack it once the mattress is delivered or moved into your new home.
    In case you do not have any mattress cover, ask if they provide you with mattress bags or mattress boxes to cover your mattress.
  • Ask if your mover provides you with insurance coverage for your mattress, along with your other household items, against damage and theft. If you are not satisfied with the insurance coverage your mover is providing, you can always ask your mover if they can provide you with additional coverage that would fulfill your requirements.

Mattress Cover

Arrange for a superior quality mattress cover before the move in order to prevent your mattress from damage and dirt. In case you do not have a mattress cover, you must use a mattress protection bag or at least a blanket or a bed sheet to wrap it up to protect it during the transit.

Check if the mattress fits inside your car

In case you are moving your mattress in your car, check if the mattress fits inside your car. If not, it is better to hire a vehicle which is fit for the job. If you own a truck then you may put the mattress at the back of your truck in a horizontal position and tie it up tight, making sure the protective cover of your mattress is secure.

Do not bend or fold your mattress

You must always keep in mind not to bend or fold your mattress which might damage the inner central layers of your mattress. If the inner layers of the mattress are damaged, it might be no longer comfortable for you to sleep.

Check your loaded possession

If you are taking help of a mover, check if the mattress is being kept alongside your other household items in a position that won’t cause any damage to the mattress during the transit.

Check out ways to bring in your new mattress

In case you reach your new home before your mover arrives, sketch out a plan on how you would move your mattress inside your new home without their help. If the main door isn’t big enough to fit your mattress through without folding it, check out other ways by which you can carry in your mattress.