Unpacking Tips After Your Move

The first priority would be to unpack the essential items. These things are generally loaded last in the truck & so are the first things that come off from the truck.

Next you can unpack the basic kitchen things such as pots & pans and then set up the major appliances like toaster & coffee jar.

Once the kitchen is set up enough to function, unpack the bathroom essentials like towels, soaps, toilet papers, toothbrush etc.

Placing the furniture won’t be a big problem if you know the layout of your new home. You can also ask the movers to place your furniture at your desired spot. That will also save you the trouble of rearranging the larger pieces afterwards.

Make sure that you locate the bedding & pillows and prepare your bed as you will be tired by the end of the day. If the beds are not assembled then don’t worry! You can use air mattress/sofa/futon.

Unpack the wardrobe box and hang clothing. Make sure you dust the closet and drawers prior to that.

Fragile items like glassware, mirrors & antiques should be unpacked with utmost care. You don’t have to unpack them on the first day.

While unpacking, try to place all the boxes in the appropriate rooms or else you have to madly search for your goods.

Before you fully unpack, take the time to clean each room.

If it’s warm & dry you can do the bulk of your unpacking outdoors.

Make a point to involve all the members of your family in the unpacking process as it will save time and will be fun.

Garage should be unpacked last.