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Whether you are moving elsewhere in the Triangle or elsewhere in the country, Marrin’s Moving can help make your move to or from Apex, NC easier and more comfortable. We’ve been in the moving business for over 20 years, so we know what a difficult time moving can be. Despite how much you’re looking forward to a move, when you get started, you can quickly realize that it’s a much bigger project than you initially realized. Everything must be packed, and you always have more stuff than you calculated. Then there’s the loading, the transporting, and all the unloading. It’s no easy or quick task, especially when you have so many other things and people to juggle. That’s why a trusted partner like Marrins can make all the difference. We’re experts in doing all the hard work for you. Once we establish a plan together, we’re capable of handling it all, even down to the details. One phone call, and you’re on your way to the smooth, hassle-free moving process you imagined. Learn more about what we offer below!

Pack Everything

Marrins' Moving trucks preparing for an Apex NC deliveryYou can either pack everything yourself or pay extra for your moving company to do it. Either way, you want to make sure that you don’t leave anything behind. Once you move, you usually can’t retrieve any items you forgot to take with you, and you may have to pay cleaning or trash fees for removal of these items!

Packing all of your belongings requires the purchase of boxes, packing tape and bubble wrap, as well as taking the time and effort to pack everything safely and securely. Make sure that you don’t over pack boxes, as the bottoms may fall out or they may be difficult to carry. After packing each box, label it with a magic marker. Your label should say which room the items belong in. This will help your movers to put the items in the correct room when they unload the truck for you. Move each box into your living room as you finish packing it. That way, when the movers come on moving day, they can easily see what needs to go.

Make an Inventory List

You’ll need to make a list of the items you are moving before the movers get to your old Apex residence. This makes things easier for everybody because it gives you peace of mind knowing exactly what you are bringing with you, as well as knowing that the movers will get all of it. Your Apex movers can efficiently move everything out of the house that you want out, but if you don’t prepare a list they might leave something behind that you wanted or move something that you intended to leave behind. This can cost you extra money, as well as causing you to lose some of your items. Making a list helps you to avoid these problems!

Pack a Personal Bag

100 percent satisfaction guaranteed NC moversYou’ll want your movers to handle heavy items, appliances and boxes; however, you should also pack a personal bag with essentials such as clothes and medication. This is the only bag you will have to worry about moving yourself, and your Marrins Apex area movers will handle the rest. On moving day, once your Apex home is empty and your movers are ready to go, all you have to worry about is throwing your bag in the car, loading your kids and pets, and driving to your new home. If you are moving cross-country, you might even be able to fly and carry your bag of essentials on board.

Taking care of just a few details rather than the entire move makes your Apex move much less stressful. Contact an Apex Marrins moving company today to make arrangements for your move!